Saturday, September 14, 2013

NFL Salary Cap update for all 32 teams as of September 14th, 2013

Here is the cap situation for each of the 32 clubs throughout the league as per the NFLPA's League Cap Report website.

Here they are first in order of most cap space to least cap space:


Now here they are in alphabetical order, for reference purposes:

Check out Jason Fitzgerald's (from and @Jason_OTC) Estimated Salary Cap room for each team in the league too HERE. Everyone should keep in mind that the real cap figures are kept by the NFL management Council. Those that pop up elsewhere--even those that pop up from the NFLPA--aren't 100% accurate, even though they are pretty damn close. The only team on this list that is on the precipice is the Giants, but they have Chris Snee and Steve Weatherford to turn to in case they need added cap help in the immediate future. They are smartly not forcing their hand, unless something else does it for them (i.e., another player or two going on IR like Dan Connor did only two days ago. The Giants quickly moved to fill that hole by claiming MLB Allen Bradford off of waivers from Seattle.

Moves like the Bradford move is why teams prefer to make in-season roster moves that involve players that are not vested veterans (players with less than 4 accrued years towards free agency). These players do not have guaranteed contracts for the year even if they are on a team's opening day 53-man roster, and they are not termination pay eligible. A player like Brandon Jacobs, who has 8 accrued seasons, was after week 1 because his contract would have been guaranteed for the entire season if he was on a team's 53-man roster on opening day. He's still termination pay eligible (something which can nly be used once in a player's career), but it'll only be for 25% of his cap number if it comes down to it. 25% of his cap number of $522,353 works out to be $130,588.

The odds are that it won't though. RB Da'Rel Scott seems to be on the chopping block immediately after the conclusion of week 8 to make room for the return of Andre Brown to the Giants' 53-man roster. The same is likely to be the case for Trumaine McBride, the Giants' 6th CB, once Free Safety Will Hill finishes serving his 4-game suspension to start this season. They'll save cap money by making both those moves. They won;t be huge amounts, but every little bit adds up when you're as close to the cap limit as the Giants are at present. They're about $575,368 under it as of today as per the NFLPA's Cap Report Website.

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